Cactus Fruits of Morocco

The cactus plants seen at the roadsides of Morocco bear a wonderful fruit; the prickly pear.

The plants are often a natural boundary between properties, and in the late summer they become laden with fruit.

Take care when opening the fruit, as the spines are fine and spiky! You will notice that the street vendors wear gloves to protect their hands.

The inner of the cactus fruit is a sweet delight and makes a fantastic smoothie!

Juice of the cactus fruit is popular when in season during Ramadan as a part of the Iftar ( break of the fast meal)

Cactus fruit is full of antioxidants. These powerful substances help protect your body against free radicals — unstable molecules that can damage cells.

Enjoy a walking tour of Marrakech as a part of our culture tour, and see the fresh fruit of the season on offer in the Medina.