Patisserie des Princes

There are few things that are more satisfying whilst out on a swelteringly hot day than a cool and tasty ice cream. If you find yourself in Marrakech on a particularly hot day then that is exactly where Patisserie des Princes steps in. Situated just off the square Jemaa el Fna Patisserie des Princes is the perfect venue for a brief rest on any sightseeing tour of the old medina due to its strategic place near the square and many of the other historic tourist attractions that Marrakech’s medina has to offer. The interior has air conditioning, which when it can reach up to 45 degrees on occasion in marrakech is a real god send. They offer a wide variety of ice cream, which is both delicious and very cheap by European standards, this makes it both a very pleasurable and surprisingly economic place to stop off en route to any tour of the Marrakech medina, or indeed Marrakech as a whole.

However to imply that Patisserie des Princes is merely a place where one can take advantage of air-conditioning and good value ice cream. Inside lies much more than that, there is a veritable menagerie of all things sugary and related to flour, if your sweet tooth feels it needs an introduction to Moroccan sugar based products then a visit to Patisserie des Princes is the perfect initiation.  They sell pretty much every Morocccan pastry you will ever find, along with a good number of European ones, so if you want a pastry then this author would most certainly advise setting off for Patisserie des Princes. Not only is there a wonderful selection of everything sugary in the shop front but there is also a rather pleasant café area, with a rather fine selection of their own produce as well as a hot and cold beverages (they even serve English teas). Overall Patisserie des Princes is well worth a visit and particularly an excellent place to bring kids as they can escape from the heat and indulge in every kids favourite activity (and adults surely?) in the form of eating ice cream. It’s convenient location mean it is convenient to visit as well as enjoyable and with almost every visit to Marrakech encompassing Jemaa el Fna there’s every reason to factor in a visit to Patisserie des Princes as well. Our wonderful Riads are situated in the heart of the Medina and a short 5 minutes walk from the square Jemaa el Fna and in turn Patisserie des Princes. So why not book a room today to ensure your stay is luxurious and that you are always well positioned to explore all the marvels and sights that Marrakech has to offer, in the Medina and beyond.