Butterflies of Morocco

In honour of the name of Riad Papillon!
We would love to share some of the species of butterflies which are found in Morocco.

For those with an interest in Flora and Fauna Morocco has so much to offer.
The butterfly Fauna of Morocco is particularly rich with 135 recorded species.
Morocco offers the richest and most diverse Butterfly fauna in North Africa.
In the Atlas Mountains alone the following species can be seen:
Desert Orange-tip, Moroccan Copper, African Babul Blue, African Grass Blue, Moroccan Hairstreak, False Baton Blue, Black-Eyed Blue, Spotted Adonis Blue, Common Tiger Blue, Spanish Marbled White, Dark Giant Grayling, Vaucher’s Heath, Aetherie Fritillary, False Marbled Skipper, False Mallow Skipper, Rosy Grizzled Skipper, Red-underwing Skipper.

Marrakech is the perfect base to visit the Atlas mountains to explore the beauty of the mountain species. The heights of the Atlas mountains are just a two hour drive from our  Riad Papillon named in honour of the delicate and mesmerising butterfly. making a day trip to search for beautiful butterflies simple.