Medina Bikes

Medina Bikes Marrakech is a project which launched in response to discussions during Cop 22 environmental festival (Conference Of The Parties 22nd Edition) in 2016.

This bike-sharing system was launched in partnership with the Ministry for the Environment of the Kingdom of Morocco. Tourists,visitors and residents are encouraged to explore Marrakech by bicycle. This concept benefits not only the personal health of the rider, but also the air quality of Marrakech.
With so many people using motorcycles and mopeds, the levels of pollution inside the medina are at a high; all efforts to impact this attitude towards inter-city travel are certainly not in vain.

The bicycles are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Just pop in your bank or credit card and away you go!

Tariffs start from just 50 dirhams per day, with a deal of 150 dirhams for 7 days. There are even low-cost tariffs available for a monthly or yearly bicycle hire; so for those living or studying in Marrakech, Medina bikes can be a fantastic solution for transport without a carbon footprint.

To hire a bike, you must sign up/register using your mobile phone, tablet or desktop (this is a very quick 5 minute process). Once you have registered, you will be sent a code by email or text. You can enter your code or scan your bank card to unlock your bike.

What about when you want to stop and shop? Don’t worry, there’s a feature for that too. There is so much to see in Marrakech, so you will definitely want to make plenty of stops on your ride – when you are ready for a rest you can use the integrated cable lock for short stops. Be aware that you are still being charged for the times when you’re not riding, so where possible it is preferable that you return your bike to a nearby “dock” when you are ready to explore on foot.

When you’re ready to return your bike, just place it back in any of the many “docks” located around the Medina and New Town of Marrakech. For more details, you can check the website. Rumour has it, you’ll soon be able to find the dock locations on our free Marrakech Riad Map & Guide App.